Dr. Kelley Tyler :

Dr. Kelley Tyler

Born, raised and educated right here in Connecticut, and now with an opportunity to help develop a new practice for the Wolcott area…"I wouldn’t want it any other way! I look forward to meeting new friends and providing comprehensive oral care for people of all ages including special needs adults and children."

Dr. Marc Craig :

Dr. Marc Craig

Since starting my practice in 1981, I have always believed that quality care should be accessible and affordable to everyone. I am fortunate to work with a wonderfully talented and dedicated staff to help make that goal possible. Every day is a gift and all of us are committed to give you something to smile about.

Ashlyn :


I have tremendously enjoyed working as both a dental assistant and now a hygienist for 9 years, but I am extremely excited for the opportunity to return to my home town and be part of creating and building a new practice.

Emily :


One of the unique joys of dentistry is that every day you feel that you helped someone. Helping this practice grow is an opportunity that I cherish.

Julie :


I am very excited to be working at Lakeview Dental in a practice that aligns with my values of patient care.

Jackie :


Having previously worked in retail management, I hope to apply the principles of customer service by listening to our patients concerns and then making sure they know they were heard.

Yahaira :


As I start my career in dentistry, I am excited to help the practice better serve those patients for whom English is a second language. The first steps in anyone's care is for them to know that we listen and understand their needs.

Michele :


Having enjoyed a wonderful career in early childhood development, I welcomed the opportunity for a new challenge in health care practice management. A different set of skills for sure, but I have learned that whether you are working with big people or little people…before you can guide them…they need to believe you are listening.

Debbie :


I have worked in and managed dental practices for the last 25 years. The opportunity to come here and work with my daughter and see all my friends makes this a joy